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About us

RIMCO was established in the year 2000 and is located in Hyderabad, India. We specialize in the import and trade of mining equipment and its components, always committed to delivering top-quality products to our customers. RIMCO boasts a team of highly skilled and intelligent engineers, ensuring that our products consistently meet the highest standards. With a rich history of innovation, we are continuously seeking new methods to enhance our offerings.

Our unwavering dedication is to provide the best possible service to both our local and international customers. Customer satisfaction, along with the well-being of our employees, remains our top priority. We persistently overcome obstacles that may arise in our pursuit of business goals, using groundbreaking technologies to revolutionize the industries we serve.

 Our principles

Our guiding principles revolve around collaborating with globally acclaimed manufacturers of the products we trade. These manufacturers are renowned for producing top-tier products in their respective fields, consistently maintaining high-quality standards and reliability. We exclusively partner with companies that exhibit the capability to deliver with speed, dependability, and transparency.


Our customers are spread across various geographical regions within India. These customers are not only highly dependable but also industry leaders, making it a privilege to serve them.


Our sales and service executives are strategically positioned in close proximity to our customers. This proximity allows us to consistently deliver top-notch services. Our team members are exceptionally well-trained and possess the necessary technical expertise required for their respective roles. We place a strong emphasis on customer service, as evidenced by our extensive support experience spanning many years within our core product ranges, marketed under our brand name. This support is efficiently carried out through our extensive sales and service network located throughout India. We are dedicated to the ongoing development and implementation of world-class training programs for our team, ensuring that they continuously update their skills and knowledge. This commitment enables them to offer swift and effective service engineering solutions, leading to successful deals on each occasion.

Vision and Objective

Our primary focus is to position ourselves at the heart of the expanding market with a sustainable business model. We aim to sustain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the provision of top-quality products.

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