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About us

RIMCO was incepted in the year 2000. Situated in Hyderabad - India. we are into mining equipment and its parts imports and trading. we provide the Best quality products to our customers. Rimco has highly skilled and smart engineers and its products that meet the highest standards. The company has a long history of innovation and is always looking for new ways to improve its products..

We constantly strive to give our customer the best possible service anywhere. for us our Customer First - It doesn't matter who the customer is—local, international . For us Our Customers , and our Employees Satisfaction is a must, Always Find a Way – No matter what obstacles arise in achieving our business goals, we find a way forward with technologies that revolutionized the industries.

 Our principles

Our principles are world-renowned manufacturers of the product we trade. They make the best products in their field and produce a very reliable products with the high-quality standards . We only work with companies who are able to deliver quickly, reliably and transparently


Our customers are located in a different geographical locations in India. our customers are very reliable and are industry leaders , we feel privileged working for them .


Our sales and service executives are strategically located close to our Customer , which enable us to provide the best of our services always . Our people are best trained and have the requisite technical competencies in their respective roles. We have a strong focus on customer service which is evident by our support experience of more than in the core product ranges, which we market under our brand name and service executed through our sales & service network located throughout India. Development and world-class training programs provided to them continuously update their skills and knowledge level enabling them to provide prompt service-engineering solutions that win deals for us every time.

Vision and Objective:

To center the growing market with a sustainable business model. To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring the supply of quality products.

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