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Higher productivity with Eickhoff machines. Whether at one of the world‘s most productive mines on the southern hemisphere, whether in the cold winters in the Russian region of Workuta or whether with the worldwide biggest shearer loader in Inner Mongolia – Eickhoff mining machines are at the forefront. Eickhoff shearer loaders and continuous miners steadily set new standards as regards to quality and innovation.


New Equipment

Eickhoff manufactures machines and gearboxes that have demonstrated their reliability in extreme conditions worldwide. These gearboxes are used in various applications, such as wind turbines located hundreds of meters above the ground, undercarriages for rail vehicles, sustainable extraction processes for raw materials like fertilizers and minerals, and a diverse range of applications including locks and industrial plants.



Eickhoff has a deep and enduring connection with the mining industry. The company's roots trace back to the development of components designed for underground use. In a remarkable milestone for the industry, Eickhoff achieved a unique success story when Europe's first bar coal cutter was introduced as part of a complete Eickhoff system as early as 1914, marking a significant chapter in the history of underground mining.



Without compromise, we maintain a service network comprising over 200 specialists dedicated to ensuring the optimal functioning of your Shearer loader or Continuous Miner. Our highly qualified and globally active team offers wide range of services.

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