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Gas Turbine Filter Range1

We design and manufacture all our products in-house following the highest quality standards in the industry. We provide extra features to ensure that they are robust and can withstand the harsh environments in which they are exposed. Our elements give the highest filtration efficiency in pulsing systems for a great variety of industrial environments, providing excellent protection to people and processes from hazardous dust.

All our products are tested in accordance with EN779:2012. Our quality control procedures, the information obtained from our laboratory tests and our experience out in the field allow us to advise customers on which filter type and media to use in any specific dust application. Our range is:

Media                                         Dimensions

• Cellulose Blend                                       • Length up to 1200mm

• Fully Synthetic                                         • Diameter up to 500mm

• Membrane

• Ratings from M6-E12 (EN779:2012)

Last Chance Filter Range

01 last_chance_filters micromesh.jpg

Although manufacturers apply the highest levels of cleanliness when producing new components, the chances are that some contamination will not be dislodged until the system becomes operational. Once in the system debris can often cause major, if not catastrophic failures. Micro-Mesh have developed a range of “Last Chance Filters” designed specifically to catch these particles, whilst the main system filter is still required to collect the bulk contamination. Last Chance Filters are best fitted before costly valves and equipment to stop large particles from causing failures. Micro-Mesh can supply the perfect filter, whether your requirement is to be incorporated into a fitting, inbuilt into your equipment or for a separate in-line filter.

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