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Round Steel chain

THIELE round-link chains can be used on both face conveyors and stage loaders and are also suitable as traction elements for coal ploughs. To ensure that its products can meet the tough demands of today’s mining industry THIELE has developed its own chain steels based on many years of manufacturing knowhow.
Each production stage is accompanied by careful and thorough quality control tests. THIELE chains are recognized the world over for their performance and durability.
This is why THD round-link steel chains are hardened and tempered to a strength of 345 – 375 HB10 (which applies uniformly over the entire link). For chains intended for face conveyors this strength level represents the optimum in terms of impact resistance (notch impact strength) and wear resistance (hardness).



The THIELE BLOCKMASTER® has been specially developed as a vertical connecting link for Flat Type Chains. Its mechanical propertiare much higher than those specified in DIN 22258 Part 3.

  • Fast and easy to assemble

  • Extremely short locking movement

  • No chain slack needed

  • Bi-directional

  • Installing without regard to the conveying direction

  • No danger of an installation error Verklakungsfrei

  • Kink risk free

  • Patented center stud

  • Long life

  • Robust construction

  • Zinc coated


THIELE S-Type Flight Bars with Strap / Bow

THIELE offers a wide range of flight bars for face conveyors and stage loaders with chain sizes of Ø 18 mm - Ø 48 mm. All flight bars are drop forged, calibrated and sandblasted. The strength of the bar will depend on the material used. By using a precise heat treatment process THIELE is able to guarantee high notch-impact values at hardness levels of 270-380 HB. THIELE also offers flight bars with induction hardened tips for special operating conditions.
Advantages of the S-Type Flight Bar

  • Long life time

  • Compatible with original manufacturer’s chain sprockets

  • High flexural strength

  • Can be supplied with hex-head or hammer-head bolts

  • Bi-directional

  • Available with straps (a) or bows (b)



The innovative locking technology ensures smooth installation of the lock and thus shorter downtimes of your system.
In addition, the geometry has been optimized compared to conventional locks.



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