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Flow Indicator

The intrinsically safe flow indicator type DA and type DAK can be mounted in any position and monitors the flow of water as well as emulsion in closed an filled systems. The volume flow will be shown as analogous display.

The fow indicator type DA is for monitoring use only, whereas the flow indicator type DAK has a contact boundary switch integrated for monitoring. Inside of the massive brass housing, a contact breaker is fitted to the volume dial. The lower and upper boundaries can be externally adjusted over the whole range of the dial using the key, which is delivered with the unit.
In addition, the flow indicator can be equipped  with different electrical wirings and connections, e.g. with resistors for cable  monitoring.



The Inclinometer from the SMALL-Ex series is an instrument around the inclination angle e.g. On machines. It was designed to be used on mining machines such as cut-cut machines, roller loaders, drilling trucks, continuous miners and others. Due to the appropriate material use (stainless steel), it has been very robust and developed for extreme use on mining machines.
As an option, the device can be equipped with one illuminated display per movement axis.
This SMALL-Ex series device is also available with a wide variety of connectors, a specific measuring range and different output signals. Should you prefer a special plug, we will gladly check the usability.

The measuring instrument is optionally equipped with a 1- or 2-axis measurement and can be operated up to max. +/- 70 measurements with a resolution of 0.1 °.

Level indicator


 for exhausted tanks
- for liquid media and oil
- level measuring as a pressure meas.
- with temperature compensation
- continuous output signal
- accuracy up to 0,5%
- Temperature measuring as an option
- equipped on customers demand


Temperature Indicator

SMALL-Ex® Measuring Instruments are intrinsically safe temperature measuring instruments or as a sprecial version for use as a thermo switch. They can be mounted and used in any position. They are designed for use in systems with fluid or gaseous medium as well as surfaces. Temperature measurement occurs via a Pt1000 Resistance sensor, which is installed in the housing.
The Round-Design instruments can optional be equipped with an illuminated LCD-display.  The  In-Line-Design is not available with a display. For more comfortable use the measuring instrument can be designed with a stepped sensor. The sensor is in a separate housing and is connected with a cable to the evaluting unit which can be equipped with a display. In addition, we offer a special version for the use as thermo switch for example at conveyor belt systems.

The mechanical connection can be occur by a variable adjustable stainless steel compression fitting with a thread in a variety of sizes or mounting flanges.

When used in systems with a pressure of more than 100 bar, the use of an additional protection tube is necessary.

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